Benefits/fact sheets

Updated: 19 July 2017
The Newcastle 500 will be one of the biggest events ever held in Newcastle's city centre. Benefits of hosting such a high-profile event include:
  • $57 million injection into the local tourism economy over five years, from interstate and international visitors to the event
  • Influx of more than 80,000 unique visitors over five years
  • More than 150,000 spectators on the ground over event weekend
  • Exposure to a potential global TV audience of 220 million households
Newcastle City Council is undertaking an $8.8 million suite of civil works upgrades in Newcastle's east end in the lead-up to the event. These works are either overdue or were already planned and budgeted for and have been brought forward. They include:
  • Renewal of Watt St, Newcastle's oldest road
  • Renewal of Nobbys Rd and Zaara St
  • Increased parking spaces in east end precinct
  • Widening to 4m of Wharf Rd footpath outside Newcastle pilot station to link Bathers Way with Joy Cummings Promenade
  • Road renewal of Horseshoe Beach Rd and car park and the adjoining Pasha Way
  • Replacing approximately 170 trees and shrubs on Newcastle Foreshore with more than 230 plantings. These will include approximately 130 advanced shade trees, more than a third of which will be Norfolk Island pines. This will ultimately create more shade and a much more user-friendly space.
  • East end stormwater and utilities upgrades
  • Resurfacing Wharf Rd and Scott St
  • Creating new paths and linkages throughout Newcastle's east end
Supercars Australia will fund and manage other race-related roadwork along the track route, as well as linking two car parks on the southern side of Wharf Rd to make way for a pit pavilion and grandstands. This linkage will create more parking spaces overall.
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1. Benefits 2. Access to the east end 3. Infrastructure

4. Recognising our


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5. Motor Racing (Sydney and

Newcastle) Act 2008

6. Access for residents and


7. Accreditation 8. Monument restoration
9. Trees

Below is a map outlining the track route, planned temporary pedestrian bridges, grandstands and areas of the city's east end that will be accessible only to residents and essential services during the event weekend. Click on map for a larger version.

The second map below shows the race precinct, with intended location of temporary grandstands, pedestrian overpasses, entry points and other infrastructure for spectators. Click on map for a larger version.