East end renewal

Newcastle City Council is undertaking an $8.8 million suite of civil works upgrades in Newcastle's east end in the lead-up to the event. These works are either overdue or were already planned and budgeted for and have been brought forward.

They include:

  • Renewal of Watt Street, Newcastle's oldest road
  • Renewal of Nobbys Road and Zaara Street
  • Increased parking spaces in east end precinct
  • Widening to 4m of Wharf Road footpath outside Newcastle pilot station to link Bathers Way with Joy Cummings Promenade
  • Road renewal of Horseshoe Beach Road and car park and the adjoining Pasha Way
  • Replacing approximately 170 trees and shrubs on Newcastle Foreshore with more than 230 plantings. These will include approximately 130 advanced shade trees, more than a third of which will be Norfolk Island pines. This will ultimately create more shade and a much more user-friendly space
  • East end stormwater and utilities upgrades
  • Resurfacing Wharf Road and Scott Street
  • Creating new paths and linkages throughout Newcastle's east end. 

Supercars Australia is issuing regular public notices and communication direct to residents and businesses throughout the civil works program.

Supercars Australia will fund and manage other race-related roadwork along the track route, as well as linking two car parks on the southern side of Wharf Road to make way for a pit pavilion and grandstands. This linkage will create more parking spaces overall.
Visit the Newcastle 500 event site to find out more about race-related preparation.

Build notices and other civil works notices

Civil construction works associated with the Newcastle 500 and Newcastle City Council's renewal program got under way on 22 May 2017. Build notices are being developed and issued as the project progresses and all notices are listed here. 

Build notice 022: Distributed 19 October 2017
Build notice 021: Distributed 12 October 2017
Build notice 020: Distributed 5 October 2017
Build notice 019: Distributed 28 September 2017
Build notice 018: Distributed 21 September 2017
Build notice 017: Distributed 18 September 2017
Build notice 016: Distributed 8 September 2017
September night works for Watt Street: Distributed 5 September 2017
Build notice 015: Distributed Friday 1 September 2017 
Hunter Water Statement: Potential water outage: Distributed Friday 1 September 2017
Build notice 014: Distributed Friday 25 August 2017 
Civil works extension for Watt Street: Distributed Thursday 24 August 2017
Build notice 013: Distributed Friday 18 August 2017
Note regarding Build Notice 013:

  • The changes to work days and times have been approved by Destination NSW
  • The contractor has confirmed to Destination NSW that they will manage traffic at Watt Street roundabout and that local traffic, Nobbys Beach and Horseshoe Beach  
  • Contractors will complete the night works as quick as possible to reduce the number of nights/hours required 
  • Note: Fort Scratchley will be closed to the public from 18 to 30 August to allow for the construction of their driveway.

Build notice 012: Distributed Thursday 10 August 2017
Build notice 011: Distributed Tuesday 1 August 2017
Build notice 010: Distributed Friday 28 July 2017
Build notice 009: Distributed Friday 21 July 2017
Build notice 008: Distributed Friday 7 July 2017
Build notice 007: Distributed Friday 23 June 2017
Build notice 006: Distributed Wednesday 21 June 2017
Build notice 005: Distributed Wednesday 14 June 2017
Build notice 004: Distributed Wednesday 7 June 2017
Build notice 003: Distributed Friday 2 June 2017
Build notice 002: Distributed Friday 26 May 2017
Build notice 001: Distributed Friday 19 May 2017

Diversion notice 001: Distributed Friday 21 July 2017 (proposed diversion notice issued Friday 7 July 2017)
Diversion notice 002: Distributed Friday 25 August 2017

Parking notice 001: Distributed Friday 26 May 2017

Watt Street reconstruction

A key element of the east end renewal program is the reconstruction of Watt Street. Council has produced a brochure outlining the work and the improvements it will deliver. Click on the image below to download a pdf version.

Watt Street brochure

Before and after

The photos below show Watt Street before its reconstruction, and the same perspective after the road reopened to traffic on 10 September 2017.

Before - Watt Street footpath and roadway looking south
After - Watt Street footpath and roadway looking south
Before - Watt Street footpath looking north
After - Watt Street footpath looking north
Before - Watt Street footpath looking south
After - Watt Street footpath looking south
Before - Watt Street roadway looking north
After: Watt Street roadway looking north

Nobbys Road upgrade

Nobbys Road is undergoing an extensive upgrade prior to the inaugural Newcastle 500, including new roadway, widened footpaths and introduction of angle rear-to-kerb parking to provide more spaces. Click on the image below to download a PDF version of a booklet Council has produced, outlining these works.

Nobbys Road brochure

Foreshore Park

Approximately 170 trees and shrubs on Newcastle Foreshore will be replaced with more than 230 plantings. These will include approximately 130 advanced shade trees, more than a third of which will be Norfolk Island pines. These trees will eventually provide a usable shade canopy of approximately 9800sqm, up from about 500sqm now. 

The current plantings in the areas affected by the proposed works cast only a small amount of shade due to the species selection, site issues and current planting arrangement. The new plantings will be permanent and won't need to be removed for the race's annual return.

A further 25 small trees will be removed from Watt Street, Scott Street, Nobbys Road and Zaara Street.

The total long term green space reduction across Foreshore Park and Camp Shortland will be no more than six per cent. It is important to note that many of the works associated with these reductions are not specific to the Newcastle 500 - they are outlined as key projects in Council's Foreshore Plan of Management, adopted in October 2015.

Work completed in the accelerated civil works program will help fully or partly achieve more than a quarter of the actions set out in that Plan of Management. Much of the lost green space will be between the two existing car parks on Wharf Road. This will enable the car parks to be joined, significantly increasing parking opportunities in a high-demand precinct. A total 171 additional parking spaces will be created across the foreshore precinct, including 10 disabled parking bays.

Other actions outlined in the Plan of Management that will be achieved through the civil works program include the provision of shade trees on lawn perimeters and the increase of disabled access to the precinct.
This will occur by providing more accessible parking spaces, increasing path widths and creating flush surfaces between car parks and paths.

See below for computer imaging showing how Newcastle Foreshore will look in 2022, with new trees planted and established. Click on each image for a larger version.
Artist impression of Newcastle Foreshore tree plantings
Artist impression of Newcastle Foreshore tree plantings


Shortland Esplanade

As part of its Bathers Way priority project, Council is upgrading the stretch of Shortland Esplanade running parallel with Newcastle Beach. This section of road forms part of the Newcastle 500 track, but these works are being undertaken separately to the Newcastle 500 east end renewal program, and are funded separately. They include construction of a shared pathway, and improved safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. The works are scheduled to be completed before the November 24-26 Newcastle 500 weekend. Click below for a short video shot in August 2017, showing the work in progress.

Temporary removal of monuments/plaques

Monuments likely to be affected by the proposed civil works in Nobbys Road, Camp Shortland, Wharf Road and Foreshore Park have been removed.
These monuments were collected and transport by Council to its Turton Road Depot for safe storage.
These monuments will be reinstated post-civil works to the same or adjacent location subject to heritage advice.