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Wickham/ Maryville

Wickham is the pedestrian catchment of the rail station and the West End.

Its identity is influenced by the railway which acts as a physical barrier to the city.

Maryville is somewhat separated from Wickham by the oil depot sites and large warehouses along and off Railway Street, and has a close relationship with adjoining Islington and nearby Hamilton.

Both suburbs are close to the Honeysuckle redevelopments and the fishing fleet wharves.

Significant features include: Wickham Station, the 'Tree of Knowledge', Throsby Creek, School of Arts, the historic Wickham Primary and Infrants School, Wickham Park, Annie Street woolstore buildings and the Lass O'Gowrie and Albion Hotels.

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The Newcastle Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2012 Maps

To understand the Newcastle LEP 2012 both the written document and maps that make up the LEP must be reviewed. Links to the maps, relating to this suburb, can be found on the right hand side of this web page. The maps are also available on the official NSW legislation website in connection with the Newcastle LEP 2012. This information is also available by purchasing a S149 Planning Certificate for the parcel of land. 

Sport and recreation facilities

Wickham is home to Wickham Park.

Go to park facilities and locations for more information about sport and recreation facilities in Newcastle.


The nearest libraries are Hamilton Public Lilbrary and Newcastle Region Library in Laman Street.

Visit the library for more information about libraries in Newcastle.


The nearest primary schools to Wickham / Maryville are in Carrington and Tighes Hill.

Transport Options

Wickham/ Maryville are well situated for pubic transport with access to at least one medium frequency bus route into the CBD.

Go to the Lower Hunter Transport Guide for details.

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