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Newcastle Earthquake

The Newcastle RSL Club was one of the most badly damaged buildings. Police cleared the area around it in case more collapse occurred in the event of aftershocks. Fortunately, no one was injured in the Club. The building had to be demolished in the afternoon.
The former Newcastle RSL Club can be seen being demolished in King Street.
Damage to buildings in Hunter Street, near Civic Station
Union Street shops sustained severe damage. Viewed from King Street.
The school in Laman Street was damaged
Demolition of Newcastle Workers Club. The Club was the scene of the greatest damage to any building in Newcastle. 9 deaths occurred there and many others were injured.
Damage to the Parkview Hotel, Maitland Road, Islington
Injured person being treated by ambulance officers in Beaumont Street
Barricades on King Street prevented people and traffic from entering the street.
Looking down a deserted Watt Street towards Customs House. Customs House was severley damaged by the earthquake.
Notice on the door of 27 Union Street, notifying the public that entering the building was not allowed as the building was unsafe
Damaged building in Laman Street
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