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Community consultation was conducted from December 2010 to February 2011 to gather broad community opinion on the current and future services or facilities at Islington Park. This report summarises the results of 483 responses gained from within the local government area in Ward 1 and Ward 2, using the Newcastle Voice community reference panel and park visitors.  The consultation generated 958 individual comments about various aspects of the park, reflecting high community interest. 

Key Findings


The top three activities currently undertaken in the park are:

  1. Bike ride
  2. Taking a short cut – passing through
  3. Playground visits

The characteristics which respondents most like are the open space parkland, with abundant vegetation, good cycleway and footpaths – as well as the playground and off-leash dog facilities. Consistent with this, the current services and facilities which are most appreciated at present are as follows:

  1. Open Space
  2. Quality of paths
  3. Vegetation

When asked to identify future improvements, respondents prefer those improvements which would enhance their current usage of the park – extended cycle and footpaths, improved facilities including an extended playground (in the current location), an unlocked toilet, and increased plantings across the park. 


This consultation served a useful educational purpose, in that many respondents did not know the range and number of activities and facilities already in the park, such as the basketball and netball court, the off-leash dog area and public art installed along the creek.

The results have informed the creation of the Islington Park Concept Master Plan, with works commencing in 2012. Key elements of the community's aspirations for the park have been taken up in these designs. 

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Islington Park Report (March 2011) 1.6Mb

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