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Flooding & waterways

  • Post flooding clean up guidelines

    Newcastle City Council and Hunter New England Population Health advises to follow the following guidelines when commencing post flood clean up of property.

  • Water

    Floods in Newcastle

    Flooding is a natural process caused by heavy rainfall and/or elevated ocean levels.

  • Water 2

    Trial Wallsend Flash Flood Alert Service

    A 12 month trial of a early warning flash flood service for the Ironbark Creek catchment area.

  • Urban strategy

    Newcastle City-wide Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan

    Newcastle City-wide Floodplain risk Management Study and Plan

  • Floods in Wallsend

    In 2009, Council adopted the Wallsend Commerical Centre Floodplain Risk Management Plan that looks at how flood risks can be managed in the Wallsend area.

  • Flood contacts

    The State Emergency Service (SES) responds to floods when they happen. The SES manages preparation measures and the coordination of immediate recovery.

  • Researching flooding

    Council has been carrying out research about flood risks in the Newcastle LGA for many years (long before the June 2007 floods) to ensure decision making is properly informed.

  • Flooding FAQ

    Some frequently asked questions about flooding issues.

  • Stormwater

    Governments and communities now recognise stormwater pollution as a major contributor to the degradation of many of the state’s natural waterways.

  • Healthy catchments

    No matter where you live in Newcastle you live in a catchment. A catchment is an area of land that drains eventually to a single point.

  • Water for kids

    Come and explore through games and activities threats to our natural waterways and what you can do to reduce your footprint on the environment.

  • Water smart homes

    Water isn't free. These days, you pay for the water you use. This doesn’t incorporate the environmental costs to the natural catchments where we take water, or send it back after we have dirtied it.

  • Urban water cycle

    Newcastle's vision for a sustainable urban water cycle identifies the relationship between rainfall, drinking water supply, stormwater, flooding, environmental flows and waste water in the city.

  • Throsby Creek Litter Management Project

    Newcastle’s Throsby Creek has a catchment area that spans 3150 hectares and includes a population of 67,520 people, many of whom contribute to litter that flows into Throsby Creek via stormwater.

  • Throsby high schools marine debris video challenge

    Throsby Marine Debris Video Challenge

    Six high schools within the Throsby Creek catchment area have been invited to participate in an environmental learning program to combat Marine debris.