Marea Gazzard Untitled (Helmet) 1969

Marea Gazzard Untitled (Helmet) (1969) 40.0 x 18.5 cm (diam) stoneware
Presented by Garry Anderson through the Tax Incentives Scheme for the Arts 1990

Conversations with the Collection

Marea Gazzard & Alicia Cale


Form and its infinite associations fascinate ceramicist Marea Gazzard. Ancient Cycladic talismans, Aboriginal grinding stones and traditional still life painting all inspire her sculptural ceramics. Each sculpted object bears the mark of Gazzard’s hand; clay is scraped, pinched, pummelled and punctured to suggest the external and elemental forces at work in the creation of land mass. Gazzard’s works from the Helmut series straddle landscape and figuration. While the title and the head-like forms anthropomorphise these vessels the shape of each object is also reminiscent of seedpods and eucalyptus branches. Hence Gazzard draws a connection between people and a sense of place that is specifically Australian.

Pymble Ladies’ College
Rustic Vessels (2010)

This piece of work is a reflection of the contemporary Australian society and its expanding multicultural aspect of life, in which I have explored the idea of urban growth and decline, portraying this through the corrosive quality of the work and also through the incorporation of different glazes. The incongruous elements are representative of the mixture in Australian society in which iconic ideas of Australian culture and Indigenous culture are strongly intertwined. This mixture is depicted with rustic features such as chains, bolts and screws with the contemporary appropriation of a vessel figure.

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