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Nobbys Headland

Nobbys HeadlandVisit Nobbys Lighthouse grounds from 10am to 4pm every Sunday for sweeping views of the city and Pacific Ocean from Nobbys Headland - Entry to the site is free.

Please note that there are limited toilet facilities at the site and there is no parking on site. Access for disabled persons needs to be arranged prior to arriving at Nobbys. 

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Planning To Visit Nobbys?

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind prior to your visit

  • There is no car access along the Macquarie Pier, you may walk or bicycle only
  • From the Nobbys Beach carpark there is a 550m (10 minutes approximately) walk to the gate
  • From the gate there is a 220m up-hill walk to the Signal Master's Cottage (five minutes approximately)
  • The site is by nature isolated and exposed, it is likely to be breezy depending on the time of day you visit and
  • It is therefore advised you wear comfortable shoes for the walk and bring a jacket if it gets cold.


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Did you know...

The famous landmark at the entrance to Newcastle Harbour has gained interplanetary recognition after a feature on Mars was named after it. Nobbys Head on the Martian landscape is close to other features with names that have a familiar ring - Cape York, Botany Bay, Endeavour Crater and Cape Tribulation.