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  • Australian Bereavement Register

    Australian Bereavement Register

    When a loved one dies, the last thing family members want is a daily reminder of their grief because of unwanted direct mail. The Australian Bereavement Register is here to relieve families of this anguish.

  • Beresfield Childcare Centre

    The Beresfield Community Childrens Education Centre is community based managed by a Parent Committee established under Section 355

  • Community development

    Community Development

    Community Development is the active engagement of communities to enhance a sense of belonging and the capacity to act together on our common priorities.

  • Community safety

    Community safety and crime prevention are increasingly regarded as being the responsibility of the community at large, in addition to the police and the justice system.

  • Digital Printing

    Council offers a quality scanning and printing service which delivers quick turnarounds and the right media type for the majority of uses.

  • Emergency Newcastle

    Information about what to do in an emergency for people living and working in the Newcastle city centre.

  • Library


    Discover everything your library has to offer. From DVD's, books and music to internet and school holiday activities.

  • Parking

    Find out about parking, parking stations, transport options and more in the area.

  • Pets & animals

    Council encourages all pet owners to be responsible for their pet's actions. Pets are referred to as "companion animals".

  • Place making

    Place making is the creation of safe, vibrant public destinations and neighbourhoods.

  • Pride of Place

    The Pride of Place taskforce has been working to address issues that impact on the overall amenity of the city including graffiti, vandalism, community safety, cleanliness and appearance.

  • Tourism & business

    Council has a role in creating an environment that encourages and supports sustainable economic investment, development and job creation, using its assets and processes.

  • Transport

    Find out all your transport options for getting around in Newcastle.

  • Waste

    Waste & recycling

    Council's waste services form part of its greater environmental management plan for the City of Newcastle, with an aim to maintain a clean, green and sustainable environment for its residents.

  • Storm recovery

    Storm cleanup and disposal