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Looking for a gift that is a bit different? The Celebration Pack combines nostalgia and history.

People celebrating their birthday, anniversary, retirement or any special occasion can look back at the world as it was.

The Celebration Pack consists of: 

  • Photographic reproduction of the front page of the nominated newspaper - 400mm x 500mm (16 inches x 20 inches)
  • Newspaper front pages available: Newcastle Morning Herald or the Newcastle Sun (dependent on the year nominated)
  • A summary of the events of the nominated year - Academy Award winners, sporting winners, top songs, radio or television programs
  • Selections from the nominated newspaper - advertisements and articles on sport, entertainment, clothes etc.
  • Newspapers articles available from: Newcastle Morning Herald, Newcastle Sun, Maitland Mercury, Sydney Morning Herald

As these newspapers were not printed on Sundays the Celebration Pack can only be created for the next day that the newspaper was printed unless another date is nominated.

Download your Celebration Pack Order form.

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