Bulk waste changes

We have put together some frequently asked questions about the changes to the bulk waste collection system. If you would like to book a bulk waste pick up, complete the online form or call 4974 6066.

I heard Council has cancelled bulk waste collections, is this true?

No. We are changing the bulk waste service. From 1 March, 2012, bi-annual kerbside collections will be replaced with on-demand booking or self haul voucher options Instead of waiting for your previously scheduled service, ratepayers can just fill out the waste request form and we will book a time to collect your bulk waste or issue you a voucher so you can take it to Summerhill Waste Management Centre whenever it suits you. Ratepayers can also give waste services a call on 4974 6066.

When will the bulk waste be collected?

Council will let you know what day your bulk waste kerbside collection will take place after you called to book in. This will be booked for the next available date on the day AFTER your regular garbage collection. If we happen to have a lot of collections booked in, your collection will be scheduled as quickly as possible. The waste collection team will confirm the date of your bulk waste collection. You can also request a voucher to take your waste to Summerhill Waste Management Centre.

Once I have booked in a time, when do I put out my bulk waste?

Bulk waste must be presented by 6am on the day that waste collection have confirmed your booking for collection.  

Example - If you put your bin out on a Monday, put your bulk waste out ready for Tuesday morning. If you put your bin out Friday, put the bulk waste out ready for collection on the Monday.

Will I still get two services a year?

Yes.  You can mix and match them with either collections or vouchers. It’s all up to you.

I would rather take it to the tip myself, can I do this?

Yes. Call waste services and we can send you a free tipping voucher to dispose of your bulk waste at Summerhill Waste Management Centre. Just fill out the waste request form or all 4974 6066 to request a voucher be mailed out to you.

I’ve already put my bulk waste out on the kerb, when will council come and get it?

We won’t. Households may NOT put bulk waste on the kerbside until they have been given a collection date by Council’s waste services team. Bulk waste is placed on the kerb the day prior to the collection date given. If you put it out earlier, you may be fined for illegal dumping.

What items can be put on the kerbside for bulk waste collection?

The same rules apply to previous bulk waste kerbside collection system.

Acceptable materials must:

  • be boxed if loose items
  • be less than 1.5m in length
  • only include items reasonable handled by two people for example, small items of furniture, household whitegoods with doors removed (no refrigerators or freezers), 1.5m lengths of carpet/lino, minor building waste, small car parts and scrap metal products.

What items cannot be placed out for bulk waste collection?

Unacceptable materials include:

  • fridges and freezers (see Changes to fridge/freezer pick up)
  • green waste and grass clippings (use your green waste bin)
  • recyclables
  • commercial waste
  • broken or shattered glass
  • quantities greater than two cubic metres
  • household refuse
  • tyres
  • concrete, rubble, dirt or building construction waste
  • hazardous/poisonous solid or liquid waste eg chemicals, asbestos
  • items over 100kg and
  • glass items, windows or mirrors.

My neighbours have dumped some extra items on my pile and it didn’t get collected, what do I do with it?

It is the ratepayers responsiblity to ensure that only a trailer load is presented for collection. Placing your bulk waste out only one day before your scheduled collection day will assist people not to dump on your property. Uncollected items will need to be removed or disposed of by the resident.

I am a tenant, can I book a bulk waste collection?

No. The person booking in for the bulk waste collection needs to be the ratepayer. Bulk waste collections are provided by Council as part of the domestic waste service charge (DWSC). The DWSC is paid as part of annual property rates. The waste services team will not organise collections for tenants, real estate agents, neighbours, friends or visitors.

I am a tenant, how can I get rid of my bulk waste?

Contact your landlord or real estate agent. They can arrange the service on your behalf.

When I book in a collection what information will I need to provide?

You will be asked some questions by the waste services team and you should have your rates notice handy.

Are you the rate payer?

The person booking in for the bulk waste collection needs to be the rate payer. The waste services team will not organise collections for tenants, neighbours, friends or visitors.

What will you put out?

We need to understand what you are putting out when you call. It won’t be limited to what you advise us when booking, but we need an idea of whether its going to be large items, whitegoods (no fridges or freezers), furniture etc, so we know what size truck and staff to send to collect it.

Where are you going to put your bulk waste for collection?

Bulk waste needs to be placed IN FRONT of the property unless you tell us otherwise. If you present your garbage in a lane, our staff will not know this unless you tell us and we may not be able to manoeuvre large vehicles down laneways or streets which are normally picked up by a smaller truck. Please present your bulk waste in front of your property or let us know it’s a narrow street/lane/cul-de-sac so we know to send a smaller truck.

I heard council is giving away free tip vouchers, how can I get one?

Council is not giving away free tip vouchers. Vouchers are being provided to ratepayers for the disposal of bulk waste. Ratepayers can either book a kerbside collection or receive a tipping voucher to dispose of their bulk waste at a time that suits them. Ratepayers are entitled to two bulk waste services per year which you can mix and match them with either collections or vouchers. It’s all up to you.

Why are you changing the bulk waste system?

This is part of the continuous improvement to waste collection at The City of Newcastle. The changes will result in cost savings, alleviate entire streets presenting bulk waste, deter scavenging, improve amenity, reduce WH&S risks associated with scavenging and give Council the opportunity to recover recyclables from the waste system.

If I get sent a tipping voucher, how long have I got to use it?

We encourage you to use your voucher within four weeks of receiving it. However, vouchers expire at the end of each half yearly block - either 30 June for vouchers received between January and June, or 31 December for vouchers received between July and December.

How many services am I entitled to this year?

The entitlement for two services per year is based on the calendar year, not the financial year.

If I get sent a tipping voucher, do I have to take it to the tip myself?


How much bulk waste can I take to the tip with this voucher?

The same quantities and restrictions apply to a normal bulk waste collection. See the acceptable materials list above. Size is restricted to the equivalent of a 1.2m x 1.5m trailer load.

What happens if I have more than a trailer load?

If you take more than a trailer load to the tip using your voucher, you WILL be charged normal tip fees.

What happens if I items that are outside the bulk waste allowance?

If you take building waste, asbestos or other restricted items to the tip using your voucher, you WILL be charged normal tip fees for those special waste items.

Can I use the voucher for green waste?

No. Please use your green waste bin. 

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