Newcastle Youth Council Committee

To guide the implementation of youth strategies for City of Newcastle and to raise awareness of youth issues.

Objectives and Responsibilities

The objective of the Committee is to seek to engage young people in Local Government and to provide advice to the City regarding youth issues in Newcastle’s LGA.

The responsibilities of the Committee are as follows:

  • Engage young people in Local Government
  • Raise awareness of youth issues
  • Allocate Youth Week grants as per Council's Youth Week Grant Policy
  • Assist the City to prepare applications for youth related grants
  • Guide implementation of the Newcastle 2030 Community Strategic Plan
  • Support the City in a manner that is consistent with our organisational values and decisions of Council.

Committee Charter

Download the  Committee Charter (pdf)


Meetings are 2 hours from 5pm - 7pm, and are held at Newcastle Region Library, Laman Street. Light snacks are provided.
There is always an adult in attendance.

No meetings from October 2018 to January 2019 (due to exams/holidays).


The Committee will be constituted by the following membership with voting rights:

  • At least one Councillor Member, to a maximum of three
  • Youth Members (up to fifteen in total) aged 15-25.
Membership applications are always welcomed. To apply to become a member please visit Newcastle Youth Council

Current members

Newcastle Youth Council currently has 15 members.

Meeting Agendas


 Meeting One Agenda - 15 February 2018 (pdf)
 Meeting Two Agenda - 14 March 2018 (pdf)
 Meeting Three Agenda - 19 April 2018 (pdf)
 Meeting Four Agenda - 16 May 2018 (pdf)
 Meeting Five Agenda - 14 June 2018 (pdf)
 Meeting Six Agenda - 18 July 2018 (pdf)
 Meeting Seven Agenda - 16 August 2018 (pdf)


 Meeting Two Agenda - 05 March 2019 (pdf)

Meeting Minutes


 Meeting One Minutes - 15 February 2018 (pdf)
 Meeting Two Minutes - 14 March 2018 (pdf) 
 Meeting Three Minutes - 19 April 2018 (pdf)
 Meeting Four Minutes - 16 May 2018 (pdf)
 Meeting Five Minutes - 14 June 2018 (pdf)
 Meeting Seven Minutes - 16 August 2018 (pdf)


Meeting One Minutes - 13 February 2019 (pdf)