Our Logo

The City of Newcastle's corporate logo is inspired by the city's Civic Fountain.

The Civic Fountain is regarded as one of the most distinguished landmarks in the city and one of the finest civic fountains in Australia.

The fountain dominates the civic and cultural precinct and Civic Park which includes the Council's Administration centre, the historic City Hall and the cultural, educational and commercial buildings and facilities.

The fountain's designer Margel Hinder described what she was hoping to achieve with the fountain's shape and form in a 1961 report to Council:

"As a civic fountain the shapes are intended to signify certain qualities that I feel are expressive of Newcastle: energy, vigour and a metallic strength."

The fountain also includes the element of water that is so important to this coastal city. The symbol graphically depicts the unique sprays of water which are a feature of this fountain.

The inspiration comes from a silhouette of Nobbys headland which marks the entrance to the city's busy and vitally important harbour. It also encompasses the image of a wave breaking on one of the city's attractive beaches and can represent the winding Hunter River which links the city to the valley it serves.