Public Voice

Under certain circumstances residents and ratepayers are provided the opportunity to voice their opinions or concerns directly to Councillors during a Public Voice session at a Council meeting.

The purpose of the Public Voice Session is to:

  • Allow Council to hear directly from affected parties of their concerns regarding proposed developments and also to hear from the developers in response.
  • Allow individuals or organisations to present information about issues relevant to local government.
  • Promote balanced decision making.
Information on previous Public Voice applications can be viewed by opening the relevant documents below:
  1.  Public Voice Determination - Development Applications (pdf)
  2.  Public Voice Determination - Leading Issues (pdf)

Applying for Public Voice

You will need to complete the  Public Voice Application Form (pdf) indicating what you wish to speak about.

If your application is approved, you will be advised of the scheduled date together with general information about making your presentation.

Applications for public voice relating to planning and development matters must be lodged prior to the end of the applicable notification period (as specified by Development Control Plan No 49 - Public Notification).