Our response

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The safety and wellbeing of our communities, customers and employees is our top priority.

Our dedicated emergency response team is working with government partners and local stakeholders on maintaining essential services, delivering community and economic support, and planning for the City’s recovery from COVID-19.

We're responding to COVID-19 in the following ways:

  • The City of Newcastle COVID-19 Emergency Response Team is leading all aspects of the City's response and includes People and Culture (and WHS), Legal (Emergency Management and Risk) and Corporate Affairs (Communications and Community Engagement).
  • Our Community and Economic Resilience Package has been launched to provide comprehensive support to help locals through the unprecedented effects of COVID-19.
  • We comply with the NSW Government’s Public Health Orders relating to public spaces such as playgrounds, skateparks and beaches.
  • We are actively involved in the Local Emergency Management Committee's response to COVID-19 which includes police, NSW Fire Brigades, SES, Health, Transport for NSW and neighbouring councils. This is allowing us to establish joint approaches and provide consistent advice. 
  • We have activated the Emergency Management Action Plan (EMAP) for Newcastle. This Plan is aligned to State and National emergency plans and City of Newcastle’s suite of Emergency Management Plans. The EMAP outlines strategies for CN in accordance with readiness and key actions which CN is committed to in accordance with relevant legislation, Acts and Regulations.
  • We have eased regulatory enforcement to give businesses flexibility to reduce the impacts of COVID-19, allowing more truck deliveries to supermarkets, and longer hours for doctors’ surgeries. Read more about Council's approach to ease COVID-19 pressures. Read the message from Rob Stokes Minister for Planning and Public Spaces.
  • We are promoting the NSW Health as the primary source of information and health updates.

For further information on City of Newcastle’s response to COVID-19 please visit www.newcastle.nsw.gov.au/COVID-19.

More information on COVID-19 is available via NSW Health or the Federal Government Health.