Measure of Success

Completed Projects

Wildlife Arena

A covered outdoor wildlife arena was designed and constructed, officially opened in May 2015. This area will enable staff to deliver environmental education programs in all kind of weather in an environment equipped to conduct a variety of wildlife shows and interactive activities. Orica are the proud sponsors of the audio visual equipment within the area to enable staff to deliver high quality presentations.

Amenities Building

A new amenities building was constructed at Carnley Avenue that incorporates a parents room, disability facilities and has been designed to create a safer environment and improve the quality of life through the principles and strategies of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) regulations.

New Shelters

The Carnley and Grass Shelters have been removed and 4 new shelters and BBQ's have been installed, as well as an elevated grass picnic area surrounded by sandstone blocks, perfect spot to enjoy your coffee.

Richley Reserve playground

The children's playground from Carnley Avenue has been relocated to Richley Reserve to expand the opportunities for children at play.