Merewether - Mitchell Park Clarke Stand upgrade

Clark Stand Mitchell Park Merewether Townson Oval
We are undertaking work to improve the Clarke Stand at Mitchell Park, Merewether. Home to Merewether Carlton Rugby Union Club, South Newcastle Rugby League and Merewether District Cricket Club, the Stand has been in need of a face-lift after encountering substantial damage during the April 2015 storms.

The upgrade will provide an asset for the entire community, whilst strengthening our social connections, enhancing spectator experience and promoting health, happiness and wellbeing.

Project Overview

The joint project between us and Merewether Carlton Rugby Union Club will be completed in two stages.

Stage 1 work will commence in October 2018 and is scheduled for completion by March 2019. Work will include alterations and additions to the Clarke Stand as follows:

  • Removal and replacement of the roof structure and cladding
  • Refurbishment of the existing ground floor toilets and change rooms
  • Construction of a new two storey (includes mezzanine) extension
  • Installation of lift shaft and lift
  • Mezzanine storage area.

Stage 2 will be completed my Merewether Carlton Rugby Union Club. Work will include a fit out of the new green room within the Clarke Stand and will commence immediately upon completion of stage 1.

What to expect during construction?

During construction access to the new cricket nets will be available via the sportsground.

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​For further enquiries please call (02) 4974 2000.