Applications on Exhibition

Not all applications will be placed on exhibition.  The notification/exhibition process for development applications is outlined in the City of Newcastle's Development Control Plan 2012 (DCP)  Section 8.00 Public Participation

In accordance with the DCP, notification periods are extended to allow for the holiday period.  

The exhibition process for applications may include one or more of the following activities: placement of notices in local newspapers, the written notification of residents and owners of potentially effected properties, and the placement of signs on properties where the development is to occur.  

Development Applications on exhibition

You can view a list of the applications currently on exhibition and the information that has been submitted with the application.

Making a submission?

After viewing the information provided on the web and reading the document  'What you need to know about the Development Application Process'  if you consider you may be affected by the development, you can make a submission to Council. Submissions should be sent to by 5pm on the nominated closing date for submissions.

When making a submission in the form of an objection, you should clearly specify the grounds on which you are objecting and the impact the proposed development may have on your property, street or community such as bulk, scale, privacy and solar access.  For example, identifiying overshadowing as an issue allows that impact to be considered in the assessment, whereas simply stating you object to the development because 'it is big' does not identify the impact of the proposed development on your property, street or community.

Council will consider Development Applications within the legal framework established by the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and related planning documents including the  Newcastle Local Environmental Plan 2012 and  Newcastle Development Control Plan 2012.

This framework grants developing landowners certain entitlements, for example it may be that the zoning of the land permits industrial development provided that the development complies with Council’s planning controls.