Coastal Education

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Family friendly summer coastal activities

What a busy January it has been for the environmental education team!

On the Newcastle Coastal Nature Trail we hiked from Nobbys Beach to The Obelisk stopping along the way to hear about the fantastic works of our local Landcare groups, endangered grasslands, birds living on the rocky platforms of Newcastle beaches and the fascinating geological history of Newcastle's cliff lines.

We've had a closer look at life in the sand by digging and sifting for critters living in the sand at Nobbys Beach before looking at them under a microscope at the Hidden Life of Sand.

We rambled through rock pools, at Life at Low Tide, and found all sorts of intertidal marine life including rose petal bubble snails, octopi, moray eels and elephant sea slugs.

With more than 120 participants across the three events, the program showcased Newcastle’s natural environment.

"It was brilliant. I will be telling lots of people about it and I hope more walks are run" - Newcastle Coastal Nature Trail

"Very well organised. The fact that the children stayed close to the action for the whole time was impressive" - Life at Low Tide Rock Pool Ramble

"I like that it teaches my children about nature, ecosystems and how we are all dependent….so that they grow into adults that care to look after it" - Hidden Life of Sand

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