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Council wants to make it safe and easy for motorists to find a parking space in our city.

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Find a form or permit quickly and easily. Use our categories to help define your search.

Pets & Animals

Pets play a positive role in the community's wellbeing, and bring please and companionship to many residents.

My Home

My home has a wealth of information from gardening, pruning, pool safety and water saving.

Pests & Weeds

Noxious weeds are plants that pose a threat to agriculture or the community and have the potential to spread to other areas.

Emergency Service

Thousands of people drive or catch public transport in to the Newcastle CBD every day. If an emergency happens, it is important workers in the city know what to do.

Report Local Issues

Inform Council about noise, including illegal dumping, bill poster, graffiti and abandoned vehicles.

Community Information

Community information about services and activities provided by other government organisations.