Private Tree Removal Application Form

The Private Tree Removal Application Form is to be used for trees/shrubs located on private land and the trees/shrubs are not associated with a development.

This form should NOT be used if:

  • The tree/shrub is to be removed to allow for future development. Tree/shrub removal associated with development will be assessed as part of the Development Application process.
  • There is a previous or current development consent requiring the retention or planting of the tree/shrub proposed for removal. Refer to Council's Duty Officer or Private Certifier (potential Section 96 application may be required).
  • The tree or shrub forms part of an Endangered Ecological Community or is associated with a Native Vegetation Community or is a Threatened Species. Please refer to the Native Vegetation Removal Permit
  • The tree or shrub is within 100 metres of a designated SEPP14 wetland boundary. Please refer to Native Vegetation Removal Permit

For further information on removal of private trees and shrubs please refer to our Tree, Shrub and Vegetation Removal page as well as Parts A and C of the Urban Forest Technical Manual

Download this form:

View the Private Tree Removal Application Form (PDF)

When completing this form please ensure all information is clearly legible and all documents/payments are received by Council on lodgement, otherwise your application may be delayed or rejected.