Roads-Driveway Linemarking

Due to the high demand for parking on some city streets, motorists sometimes try to squeeze cars into insufficient space near or between driveways. This practice causes inconvenience to residents when it restricts access to or egress from their property.

One effective initiative has been the installation of driveway line markings 0.5 m either side of a driveway to indicate to motorists to park behind the driveway line. Whilst these lines are not legally enforceable it has been shown that most motorists observe driveway line markings and park accordingly.

How to apply

To request the installation of driveway line markings complete the application form on this webpage and submit by email to for assessment.

What happens next?

Your application will be assigned to a traffic engineer for assessment. Once approved, a request for payment will be issued. You can make payment online via Bpoint. Once payment is received, we will issue your approval certificate for driveway line markings and submit a works order to our depot to have the lines installed. This may take up to a couple of weeks.

What are the fees and charges?

Fees and charges are set out in the application form. For full details please see City of Newcastle's Fees and Charges schedule. The driveway linemarking would apply for 10 years from the date of installation and if Council undertakes any road rehabilitation works within this period, the lines will be remarked at no additional cost to you.

What can I do if I am parked in?

If you are unable to enter or exit your property due to vehicle(s) blocking your right of way you can call City of Newcastle (02 4974 2000) and request a parking ranger to attend. NSW Police are also able to enforce parking restrictions.

My driveway line markings are faded. Can they be repainted?

Yes, you can request your driveway line markings be repainted if they have faded. If the line marking was completed by CN in the last ten years (or if we have repaved the road during that time) then there is no fee or application required for this request. Please contact