Emergency Asbestos Management Plan

The Emergency Asbestos Management Plan (EAMP) is the central control document to manage the Asbestos Containing Debris (ACD) clean-up recovery works after the Wickham Wool Store Fire (Wool Store Fire) which occurred on 1st March 2022.

The EAMP has been developed by the Wickham Wool Store Fire Local Recovery Committee. The EAMP provides a framework for the management and control of asbestos impacts resulting from the dispersion of ACD. ACD has been identified at various locations extending approximately three kilometres in a north-westerly direction from the Wool Store Fire (Impact Area).

The EAMP is a living document, with a cycle of continuous review that addresses the decisions made that demonstrate a framework used by the Local Recovery Committee to adhere to environment protection and Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation, and communication to the affected community.

Our most recent Community Update outlines progress of the recovery effort.