Milford Street Update

Asbestos Clean-Up Works – Remaining Wickham Wool Store Building

Novocastrian Demolition Services (NDS) were engaged on behalf of the building owner to remove asbestos containing debris (ACD) from the roof of the remaining Wool Store building, as the ongoing presence of ACD on the remaining building’s roof is a significant cause of wind-blown ACD affecting Milford Street.

Cleaning of fragments from the roof of the remaining wool stores building is now complete, and clearance has been received by a licensed asbestos assessor to confirm satisfactory completion of the cleaning.

A deep clean of the grass verges on the eastern side of Milford Street was undertaken, which required scraping of the top layer of grass and soil so that all asbestos debris was removed, before new turf was laid.

The remainder of Milford Street was then reopened on the afternoon of 11 May.