Beaumont Street, Hamilton Road Resurfacing

We are delivering this essential project to provide a safer, stronger road network.

Works will soon commence to resurface the current asphalt on Beaumont Street, Hamilton, one of Newcastle's most well known and busiest streets.

Beaumont Street is unique with a combination of businesses, restaurants, and residences. It also sees high volumes of traffic through the day and a significant number of pedestrians.

The works involve removal of the existing layer of asphalt and replacing this with new asphalt, as well as new line marking and parking sensors to be installed in the coming month.

To minimise disruption, the works have been separated into five stages:

Stage 1 – Donald Street to Cleary Street – 6 June 2023 - COMPLETE

Stage 2 – Cleary Street to Lindsay Street – 19 June 2023 - COMPLETE

Stage 3 – Lindsay Street to James Street – 20 June 2023 - COMPLETE

Stage 4 – James Street to Tudor Street – 26 June 2023 - COMPLETE

Stage 5 – Tudor Street to Dennison Street – 27 June 2023 - COMPLETE

Stage 6 - Hudson to Donald Street - 17 July 2023 (recently added)

We will be working between 7:00 PM and 5:00 AM Monday and Tuesday evenings over the course of 3 weeks, weather permitting. We will let you know in advance if we need to do any work outside these times.

Traffic changes

There will be some temporary changes to vehicular and pedestrian access in and around our site. To ensure the work zone is safe and minimise the impact of our works to local businesses and residents we will have designated traffic controllers onsite to manage traffic movements during our works. Temporary road closures will be in place during the evening, however local resident's access will be maintained unless otherwise directly communicated and the road will be reopened after each shift.

Pedestrian access will be maintained where possible, including to businesses. Pedestrians should follow the directions of traffic controllers on site.

CN does request that residents and visitors do not park along Beaumont Street in the afternoon and evening leading up to the construction works.

Frequently asked questions

CN endeavours to schedule works during the day whenever possible. Unfortunately, this location has a large volume of traffic as well as a high density of businesses.

To ensure the safety of our road works crew and motorists, as well as reducing the impact to businesses, the work has been scheduled to be undertaken at night.

The work will involve the use of machinery which generates some noise. We will make every effort to minimise noise by turning off noisy machinery or equipment when not in use and undertaking nosier works earlier in the evening.