Remediation of former landfill, Astra Street Shortland

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We are planning environmental remediation work at a former landfill in Shortland to maintain the local protected environment, safeguard the water quality of surrounding wetlands and aquatic ecosystems, increase biodiversity, and promote long term native plant growth.

We are finalising the design of a capping solution - a new layer to be added to the site to protect the surrounding area. This involves regrading (smoothing out) areas of the site to improve drainage, and covering over the former landfill area with a layer of new, clean soil. We will also do planting and landscaping in the area, and reinstate access roads.

Where is the site?

The former Astra Street Landfill operated as a landfill from 1974 to 1995. It is located at 2 Astra Street, Shortland. The land is owned by City of Newcastle, and the eastern portion of the subject site is leased to Newcastle Golf Practice Centre. Newcastle Golf Practice Centre consists of an office/clubhouse building, covered golf tee off area, golf driving area and car park area.

Map showing location of the former Astra Street landfill

What is City of Newcastle doing to protect the environment and community?

On 24 May we awarded a tender to cap and reshape the landfill which will improve drainage and help with the long-term environmental management of the site. This will reduce the amount of water entering the landfill and moving into adjacent waterways. This will also help to minimise the escape of landfill gas, which is typically found at sites of this nature.

Work is scheduled to commence in July and is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

What will happen to the site after it is remediated?

Investigations and engagement on future use of the site may be undertaken at a future date.

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