Activity Sheets

We are developing a range of activity sheets for children of all ages, when you feel there is a well earned break from home school and looking for something fun to do, print one of our activities. There will be a new activity posted every Wednesday.

  1. 11 August 2021 Wildlife-Crossword (PDF 2.6mb)
  2. 18 August 2021 Scavenger-Hunt (PDF 1mb)
  3. 25 August 2021 Make-a-Stick-Insect (PDF 1mb)
  4. 1 September 2021 Fathers-Day-Card (PDF 583kb)
  5. 8 September 2021 Nature-walk (PDF 598kb)
  6. 15 September 2021 Koala-drawing-in-Habitat (PDF 570kb)