Hamilton Business Association is a progressive collaboration that promotes a place that is a welcoming and enjoyable for everyone. It is motivated to create, maintain and promote:

  • Clean and beautiful streets
  • A precinct that is friendly, collaborative and increases health, wellbeing, safety and accessibility
  • Full buildings: Employment through business establishment leading to full real estate occupancy, attraction of local visitors and tourism, and the support of education around history and culture.

This Business Improvement Association is provided funding annually from the City of Newcastle to further these goals.


Deliverables Plan

Meeting Minutes

Hamilton Business Improvement Association summary

The goals of the Newcastle City Centre Business Improvement Association are:

  1. To work with its members (precinct businesses) and other key players to identify and understand current and emerging project opportunities
  2. To collaborate and effectively communicate with the City of Newcastle and other stakeholders for the promotion, development, beautification and advancement of the commercial interests of businesses within the Hamilton Business Association Inc. precinct through a coordinated and structured promotion, advocacy and planning program

  3. For the purposes and objects stated in this constitution, to administer funds provided to the Association by the City of Newcastle for the purposes for which the Special Rate is levied and from time to time, ensure that any other income, funding or grants received by the Association, deliver services, programs and outcomes that add value to the precinct

  4. To do all things as are, or may be incidental or conducive to, the attainment of these objects.

Hamilton Business Association understands that its unique position is informed by its rich history and its convenient place within the community. It is this ethos that drives its current business objectives to:

  • Work closely with City of Newcastle to identify opportunity and challenges and to develop solutions for these.
  • Engage businesses within the precinct to help inform planning and activation
  • Be advised and informed by people and organisations that can add value to solutions and opportunities
  • Be discerning with its budget and use it in a way that provides the best possible results over the full funding period

The Association has the widest possible powers to do all things which may be necessary to pursue the Association's goals and objects including the following powers:

  1. To use funds of the Association to pay the costs and expenses of the Association in accordance with any funding agreement entered into by the Association.
  2. Subject to any funding agreement, to engage in prosecuting, defending or otherwise taking any legal action or legal proceedings on behalf of the Association and for that purpose, to expend such moneys and employ such solicitors, counsel and other advisors as the Association may think fit
  3. To apply for and acquire any licences or permits deemed necessary by the Association
  4. To open and operate bank accounts subject to such conditions as the Association any funding agreement entered into by the Association.
  5. To engage with its stakeholders and community
  6. To raise money by other means and upon such conditions as the Association thinks fit and in accordance with any funding agreement entered into by the Association
  7. To engage contractors or consultants for such purposes and for such periods that are subject to any funding agreement entered into by the Association. subject to such conditions as the Association thinks fit provided that the Association shall not give money or lend money to;
    • A member or director of any company by which any business of the Association is carried on, or
    • A person or entity who is a settlor or trustee of a trust that is a shareholder of any company by which any business of the Association is to be carried on.

The Business Improvement Association is expected to only use the Service Fee for the purpose of beautifying, promoting and developing the area as specifically agreed to in the Deliverables Plan approved by the City of Newcastle. Special Rate Funds must not be used for administration costs, employee costs or used for any other costs related to the operation of the Service Provider unless approved in writing by the City of Newcastle.

A Deliverables Plan is a plan approved by the City of Newcastle’s nominated representative in writing containing the details of what the Service Provider intends to do to deliver the Service, including how and when the Service Fee will be spent, an operational plan and a marketing and communication plan for delivering the Service. The Deliverables Plan contains measurable targets for service delivery, which the Association is expected to report on to the City of Newcastle.

A person is taken to be an eligible member of the Association if:

  1. They are the owner or delegate of one or more commercially rated properties within BIA precinct and pay the levy as applied by City of Newcastle, or;
  2. They lawfully occupy, or are the tenant (or delegate) of one or more commercially rated premises within the BIA precinct, and operate a business from those premises, or;
  3. They are appointed as a member of the Association by the board/sub-committee, on the basis the Association considers the person holds a specific interest or skill. Such individuals may or may not currently work within the BIA precinct but have the ability to significantly contribute to the objectives of the Association.

The following people volunteer their time and skills to be part of Hamilton Business Association.

Name Association Position Organisation
Janice Musumeci Chair and Public Office July Jones Studion
Kellie Mann  Vice Chair Lotus Fashion
Sandra Maloy   Secretary Q’s Books
William Haywood Member The Kent Hotel
Robert Burton   Member Beaumont Street Newsagency
Evan Reid Treasurer Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Hamilton Business Connect

Business Connect is a City of Newcastle project aimed at improving communication, strategic information flows and connections with the city’s business community. This is to be achieved through the distribution of regular  e-newsletters, the promotion of Business Improvement Association activities, and the publication of relevant data and related developments. For extended articles and data analysis from the current e-newsletter, please see below.

2020 in Review

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented challenge for Australia and the city of Newcastle. In the June 2020 quarter, the nation’s GDP fell by seven per cent, the largest quarterly decrease on record. Unemployment peaked across the city at 11%, with young people, women and marginalised groups even more severely impacted. Between April and September 2020 an average of over 6,500 businesses per month applied for JobKeeper payments in Newcastle.

This downturn was reflected locally in the Hamilton business precinct. As shown in the graph here, monthly spending during April 2020 in Hamilton’s main industries (dining and entertainment, professional services, transport and travel) fell to one third of expenditure levels during February 2020 ($2.7 million compared to $7.9 million).

There are indications the local economy has rebounded well, with December 2020 retail spending in the Hamilton precinct surpassing prior year levels. After a very difficult first half of the year, the dining and entertainment sector in Beaumont Street appears to have improved, and the transport sector (which includes vehicle dealerships and automotive services businesses) is now in a growth period. However, there is still much volatility and uncertainty, particularly in the travel and hospitality sectors. In coordination with the Hamilton Business Association, the City of Newcastle has been targeting assistance at these industries. This includes the provision of business recovery training and support, and other targeted promotion for food services, dining and entertainment businesses. We welcome new ideas on how to support local businesses in this crucial recovery year, and encourage you to get involved in your local business community through the Hamilton Business Association.

Hamilton Business Connect 2020 Review

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