Newcastle 500 Hints and Tips

​The Newcastle 500 will return in 2023 and huge numbers of visitors are anticipated. Here's how local businesses can make the most of this event by showcasing their goods, services, and people.

Get involved

  1. Talk to your neighbouring businesses.
  2. Think about ways to attract the event crowds.
  3. Be positive and participate in any activations.
  4. Embrace the festival atmosphere.


  1. Dress up your store with race theming including flags and bunting.
  2. If available, use any TVs to display the race action to capture the excitement of the event.
  3. Offer special race weekend deals or offers which highlight your business.
  4. Check the race schedule to identify potential people movement around your business.
  5. Look at give-aways or competitions which may help with promotion.
  6. Highlight products that appeal to your target market.
  7. Extend trading hours, especially on the Sunday.


  1. Offer quick and easy take away and dine in options, as a quick pit stop and re-fuel for racegoers.
  2. Look to maintain accessible prices.
  3. Plan race weekend meal deals, especially that are group or family friendly.
  4. Theme your offerings, eg, beverage of the day, course or race theme packages.


  1. Let people know who you are and what you have to offer.
  2. Supercars and Newcastle 500 are Supercars Australia trademark terms and cannot be used in any promotional material. Use generic terms like racing, motorsport, race weekend etc.

Trading Out - Pop Up Shop

  1. If your business is situated away from the event crowds, are there opportunities to trade closer to the race via empty shopfronts or through a collaboration with other businesses?
  2. Obtain the correct permits to trade outside of your premises, or look for new ways within your existing trading footprint to collectively attract patrons to your area.

Capture other brand activities

  1. Look for products or services that align with Supercars Australia and/or team sponsors.
  2. Contact your brand representatives to see if they want to get involved, brands are often excited to access new markets experiencing the race.
  3. Opportunities for in-store driver appearances or signings leading up to the race weekend.
  4. Some brands have access to show cars or other themed promotional materials.