Air Handling Systems

An air handling system refers to a system where air is recirculated through ducts to remove heat. These systems may incorporate an air-cooling or water cooling system. The water cooling system uses water or another liquid to reduce the temperature of air in the system. The water can provide a favourable environment for growth of microbes such as Legionella if not regularly monitored.

The  Public Health Act 1991 requires the occupier / owner of a premise with cooling tower unit/s to notify Council in regards to installation or decommissioning of a cooling tower. Council is also required to keep an up to date register of all water-cooling systems in the Local Government Area under the  Public Health (Microbial Control) Regulation 2000. Therefore any alterations made to the cooling tower unit/s or changes in register details must be provided to Council by the owner / occupier within one month of the alteration.

Installation a cooling tower

To register a water-cooling system with Council please complete the  water cooling registration form (pdf) or contact Council’s Customer Enquiry Centre on 02 4974 2000.

Guidelines and Codes of Practice

NSW Health provide factsheets, guidelines and Codes of Practice for the control of  Legionnaires Disease.