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Choose to reuse tips

Choosing to reuse is simply about taking small steps towards a low-waste lifestyle. Our community has already started on this journey by swapping from single-use plastic bags to ones that can be reused.

Now that we have taken that step, we can continue to look for simple ways to reduce waste by replacing other disposable items with reusable ones.

We'd love to hear about changes that you've made to replace disposable items with reusable ones. Help spread the word and share your 'choose to reuse' tip with us to go in to the monthly draw for a chance to win a reuse prize pack.

We'll select the most creative tips and share them on this page!

Competition tips and winners

Congratulations to our most recent winners, Joshua from Mayfield and Jordan from North Lambton.

Joshua's winning "Choose to reuse" tip is "use old bottles with handles as peg holders. You cut the side out of the bottle and a segment from the handle and it hangs on the washing line".

Jordan's winning "Choose to reuse" tip is "keep a spare reusable cup and straw in your car (separate to your main cup) so that whenever you forget to bring your reusable cup, you have a back-up plan".

Joshua and Jordan have both won a reuse prize pack, which includes reusable stainless steel straws, reusable fresh produce bags, reusable bamboo cutlery, calico bag and more.

Congratulations to all our competition entrants. It is great to see so many of our residents choosing to reuse items every day.

Previous winners tips

Previous winners tips include:

"We make our own baby wipes from strips of cotton which we soak in water and coconut oil. We take them home with us (if we are out) and wash them", Beth from Cooks Hill.

Other "Choose to reuse" tips

  • collect paper printed on only one side at work and take it home to the kids for their art projects

  • use old bread bags or frozen vege packets to collect your wet rubbish in, rather than buy garbage bags

  • ​using coffee grinds to help plants grow - Eberson from Wickham

  • keep the wrapper from your stick of butter and use it to grease cake pans – Jane from Waratah

  • donating clothes to charities and buying second hand – Kim from Stockton

  • reusing water bottles and reusable coffee cups continue to be very popular suggestions from many members of our community

​We want to encourage everyone to keep the tips flowing and join the Choose to reuse movement.

How to enter

Email your best 'choose to reuse' tip to using the Subject line: 'Choose to reuse'. To go into the prize draw, make sure to include your full name, address and a contact phone number along with your tip. For privacy reasons, tips will be published on this page with first name and suburb only.

Please note the prize draw is open to Newcastle residents only. Residents are welcome to enter each month with a new tip.

Choose to reuse a coffee cup

Thank you to all our residents who have taken the pledge and received their reusable coffee cup. All 8,000 coffee cups have now been claimed. If everyone who claimed their cup remembers to use it once a week, together we can keep 416,000 disposable coffee cups out of landfill each year.

When you leave home, remember: keys, wallet, phone, cup!