Count Us In 2022

Celebrating disability inclusion in our community from 13 – 28 May 2022.

Count Us In 2022 is an annual festival that celebrates community inclusion and accessibility across Newcastle over a 16-day program.

What makes an inclusive Newcastle?

How can you contribute?

Count Us In is back for its third year in 2022 and is bringing the people of the Newcastle community, businesses, and people with disability a program of events and activities to celebrate, encourage and to educate YOU on contributing towards disability inclusion in our community. Whether that is through your business, gaining employment as a person with a disability or by being a supportive community member and encouraging conversations around inclusion.

Count Us In Newcastle 2022 Program

The program has been designed in partnership with Community Disability Alliance Hunter (CDAH) and other local businesses to bring you events and activities such as employment forums, business breakfasts, accessible fishing, Zumba classes, training and learning opportunities, arts and much more.

Program Versions

What does 'Count Us In' mean to you?