Count Us In 2023

Celebrating disability inclusion across our community

4– 24 September 2023

Count Us In is an annual festival that celebrates community inclusion and accessibility across Newcastle over a multi-week program.

What does it look like?

Count Us In (CUI) includes events and activities that highlight and celebrate inclusion. Whether you are a businesses, a community organisation, a person/family with lived experience of disability, or a carer there will be something in the program to engage and encourage you to join the celebrations.

In May, City of Newcastle (CN) will open a small grants program to encourage people with disabilities and others to develop and deliver events for the September program. Whether it is an existing activity that can be promoted via Count Us In, a "come and try" style event or day, disability awareness training or something totally new, our small grants might just be to ticket to encourge you to promote and celebrate disability inclusion within Newcastle.

CN also utilises CUI to promote a range of inclusive activities and events at our venues and we also will host a signature event or two to engage the broader community to talk and learn about inclusion.

More information to come!

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View the previous CUI program (2022)

The 2022 program brought together local businesses, community groups and individuals to participate in events and activities such as an employment forum, business breakfast, accessible fishing, Zumba classes, learning opportunities, arts, disability awareness training, inclusive music program and much more.

Program Versions

View our 2022 'Count Us In' promo where locals told us what inclusion means to them?