Beach Kiosk Survey 2016

City Of Newcastle own six beach kiosks which it leases to private operators. These kiosks are:
  • Nobbys Beach (currently known as Swells)
  • Newcastle Ocean Baths 
  • Newcastle Beach
  • Bar Beach (currently known as Swells)
  • Merewether Beach (currently known as Blue Door)
  • Stockton Beach (currently known as Lexie's).
To inform the lease renewal process in September 2017, Council's Commercial Property and Community Engagement teams gained feedback from kiosk users and local residents about the current offerings available at the beach kiosks and what they would like to see in the future.



In total, 590 people took part in this survey; 213 completed the onsite survey and a further 377 completed the online survey.

The survey found that, at the overall level, satisfaction was highest at Stockton, Merewether and Bar Beach Kiosks, with each achieving a mean score of 3.7 (out of a possible 5). Nobbys Beach Kiosk followed with a mean score of 3.5, leaving Newcastle Beach Kiosk and Newcastle Ocean Baths Kiosk with the lowest levels of satisfaction at 3.1.

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