Camp Shortland Rectification 2017

Following the inaugural Newcastle 500 event, City Of Newcastle sought community feedback in December 2017 on potential long term uses for the section of the Newcastle 500 track infrastructure that joins the Nobbys Beach car parks through to the Horseshoe Beach car park.

Survey results

Around two-thirds of 334 survey respondents indicated a preference not to returf the part of the Newcastle 500 track that runs through the park, with the majority of respondents supporting the concept plans to activate this section of the park with shelters, tree planters, fitness equipment, play spaces, and information about the sites history. The full report of all survey results is listed below.

The following documents are available for reference

 Survey report (pdf)
 The Foreshore Draft Plan of Management 2015 (pdf)
 Camp Shortland Historical Context (Placemark) (pdf)
 Camp Shortland Background (pdf)
 Camp Shortland Cultural, Historical and Archaeological Context (Umwelt) (pdf)

Current status

Community feedback was compiled and a proposal submitted to the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) to amend the Interim Landscape Rehabilitation Plan for this precinct. OEH has approved the concept designs for activation of this space. Council will now start working through development of the design, utilising components of the original proposal, building on feedback from the community, and incorporating the comments received from the State Government. Updates on the progress of the design will be provided as the project progresses, with the first pieces of infrastructure and planter boxes being installed late 2018.