Dogs in Open Space Plan

A new  Dogs in Open Space Plan (pdf) was adopted at the 26 March 2019 Council Meeting. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback.

Consultation for Dogs in Open Spaces Strategy was undertaken between January and August 2018. The Strategy will guide the provision, improvement and management of dog off leash areas over the next 10 years. This includes the development of some strategically located fenced dog parks.

The Strategy is based on 5 themes including:

  • Dog Off Leash Provision
  • Fenced Dog Park Opportunities
  • Enhancing Existing Off Leash Areas
  • Managing Dogs in Public Places
  • Community Education and Information.

The Engagement Process

Council has consulted with key organisations, sporting groups and park committees, held drop in sessions at four existing off leash sites across the LGA, attended the Pups in the Park event and conducted an online survey.

A total 1,076 people completed the survey. Thanks for all your insights and feedback. You can read about the results in the Survey Report and survey snapshot.

The draft Dogs in Open Spaces Strategy was on public exhibition from Monday 28 May 2018 until Monday 27 August 2018.

Supporting documents

The following documents provide an overview of the community engagement undertaken as part of the development of the strategy:

Dogs in Open Spaces Survey Report (pdf)
Survey result snapshot (pdf)


For further information please contact Facilities and Recreation Coordinator, on telephone 4974 2000.