Proposed traffic changes to Maud Street Waratah

Council recently approved a number of traffic changes on Maud Street, Waratah, to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists using the University to Newcastle City cycling route.

The proposed changes received a significant amount of community interest during the exhibition period in July/August 2017, with over 200 submissions made. In response to this feedback, we have made some key modifications to the plan, including:

  • the existing arrangements at Prince Street will remain (that is, left in and left out)
  • left in permitted from Maud Street to Vera Street
  • no changes to King Street.

There was general support for traffic calming of Vera, King and Queen Streets, however, concerns were expressed about the location of the devices. We will undertake further consultation with residents in the area to determine what to do on these streets. Similarly, we need to do more investigation and consultation to address speeding on Prince Street.

Construction of approved changes is scheduled to commence in early 2018 and includes:

  • installation of mid-block traffic signals on Maud Street between Prince and Vera Streets
  • implementation of no exit from Vera Street at Maud Street
  • no right turn from Maud Street into Vera Street
  • right turn bays and extension of 'No Stopping' at the intersection of Queen and Lorna Streets.

Further information will be provided to the community prior to construction.

Council is concurrently investigating a proposal to redirect the cycleway route away from the busy Maud Street crossing and into the rail corridor off Prince Street, near Alfred Street. The route is proposed to run under the rail bridge along the rail corridor to meet the cycleway west of Vera Street. Significant design work has been completed, however, due to the high cost and approvals process, it is a long term proposal. It should be noted though, that even if this cycleway is constructed, alternate arrangements (mid-block signals) will still be required when the cycleway is closed for rail outages, which is likely to be several times per year for several days at a time.

Relevant documents

Maud Street area traffic changes (jpg)
Maud Street, Waratah - Proposed traffic changes brochure (pdf)
Newcastle Cycleway map - Newcastle City to University (Callaghan)