Public Domain Plans: Beresfield and Stockton 2016

Public Domain Plans are being prepared for Beresfield and Stockton town centres in 2016. These plans will inform investment in the public infrastructure of the town centres into the short and medium term. A key component of the development of the two Public Domain Plans is consultation with key users of the two town centres and the general public. Results have been reported on in the one report.

Beresfield Workshop overview

Beresfield Monday 19 September 2016 Beresfield Primary School - 20 people

What participants liked:

  1. Shops and services are central and meet basic community needs
  2. Central Location, to Taro, Beresfield, Woodberry
  3. Park with open space nearby

Issues raised:

  1. Crime - not safe at night/ need CCTV
  2. Rowdy groups hanging around, especially around the train station
  3. Pot hole in streets - not enough maintenance
  4. Public toilets are old and unclean

Stockton Workshop overview

Stockton Wednesday 21 September 2016 Stockton  RSL - 24 people

What participants liked:

  1. I like the Community atmosphere and spirit. Very friendly
  2. Access to city / public transport; access to Ferry system
  3. Planting of lower shrubs in some area

Issues raised:

  1. Parking at ferry wharf
  2. Flooding in shopping centre /IGA carpark
  3. Lack of public toilets in CBD area/ need wheelchair access toilet


  Beresfield and Stockton Public Domain Plan workshop outcome (pdf)