South Stockton Active Hub Urban skate plaza and playground 2017

The South Stockton Active Hub concept plan was publicly exhibited from 28 June to 4 August 2017.

Submissions were received about a range of issues relating to the playground and skate plaza. Where possible, the concept plan has been amended to address key issues that are within the scope of the project. The amendments include:
  • Reduced construction footprint, although with the same features as the previous larger design
  • Design located closer to the water, reducing noise impact to Hunter Street residents
  • Removed pumps track and replaced with half pipe
  • Removed water play and replaced with sand play
  • Reduced impact on view corridors
  • Reduced impact on existing trees.
A number of the issues raised are outside the scope of the current project, such as parking, commercial trade and inclusion of an outdoor exercise park. These issues will be considered separately at a later stage. The inclusion of more BBQs, toilets, bubblers, bins, lighting, shade and other elements will be considered as part of the detailed design stage, which is currently underway.

Construction is expected to begin in September 2018, subject to relevant approval processes.

For project updates and to see the latest version of the concept design visit the Stockton projects and works page on Council's website.