Young Street Reconstruction Project

Round 1: Community workshop

Council plans to undertake full road and footpath reconstruction at Young Street Carrington and has been working with local residents and businesses to ensure their concerns and the things they value about Young Street are incorporated into the project.

A workshop was held with Carrington residents and businesses in May 2015 to better understand the issues they'd like to see addressed on Young Street and what they value about the precinct.


The outcomes from the workshop were used to inform draft designs for Young Street. For further details on the May 2015 workshop, please see:

Round 2: Information session

A second round of consultation was held on 20 February 2016 to gain community feedback on draft design concepts and tree species preferences. 


Overview of outcomes from the information session, see report for further detail:

  • Most preferred design concept was option 2 (more trees, less parking) (17 votes)
  • Smaller tree selection: Tuckeroo (18 votes)
  • Larger tree selection: Brushbox (16 votes)

Associated documents

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