Community Survey

The community survey has been replaced by a quarterly community survey which coincides with Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring each year.

Previously, we undertook a biennial Community Survey to better understand:
  • Key issues
  • Community needs and priorities 
  • Determine levels of importance and satisfaction with the services and facilities provided by Council.
We have been seeking this feedback from the community since 1993. From 1993 to 2003, the survey was a commissioned community telephone survey of residents conducted annually. Since 2004, the survey has been conducted on a biennial basis as there was little year on year variation in the results.

Since 2010, the survey has been undertaken by Council's community engagement team. The survey was available to members of Council's community reference panel, Newcastle Voice, as well as members of the broader community.



A total of 1,013 people took part in the 2016 survey.

 Snapshot of results (infographic; pdf)
 Community Survey results (pdf)


 2014 Community Survey Report (pdf)


 2012 Community Survey Results (pdf)
 2012 Commnity Survey Summary of Major Findings (pdf)