Strategy and Innovation Advisory Committee


To provide advice and guidance on the development of strategies, and identification of challenges and opportunities, in relation to activation of Newcastle as a destination leading in innovative technologies, smart infrastructure, and high value investment, and major events and tourism.


Advisory Committees are established under Part Q of CN’s Code of Meeting Practice to provide advice to the elected Council on matters of strategic significance, and to provide advice to CN on implementation of relevant matters aligned to the Newcastle 2030 Community Strategic Plan. Advisory Committees may make recommendations to Council or a Committee of Council, but no functions are delegated to them by CN.


Membership to this Committee includes: 

  • Up to three Councillors 
  • The Lord Mayor
  • Representatives from stakeholder organisations 
  • Up to three community representatives.

The Lord Mayor may attend any Advisory Committee meeting as a voting member. Community representatives of CN Advisory Committees are not paid and serve on a voluntary basis. 

If more applications from suitable community representatives are received than positions, offers of membership will be made to the top applicant/s and the remainder placed on an eligibility list. 

Responsibility of Advisory Committee Members 

Committee members are expected to have the time needed to understand the Committee’s business papers and attend Committee meetings and provide advice and feedback on matters brought before the Committee. 

Committee members are required to follow applicable CN policies and procedures and must: 

  • Conduct themselves in accordance with CN’s Code of Conduct
  • Declare and manage Conflicts of Interest in accordance with CN’s Code of Conduct
  • Maintain confidentiality and not disclose confidential or private information
  • Not use information gained through membership of the Committee for a private benefit for themselves or any other person
  • Understand CN’s Media Policy and not speak to the media or members of the public on behalf of CN, the Advisory Committee or working party.  

CN has adopted Guidelines for Meeting Practice. These Guidelines provide additional detail on responsibility requirements.

Meeting Schedule

NOTICE - COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 - The safety of our communities, customers and employees is our top priority.  As such, on 28 April, Council adopted an amended meeting schedule for the period May to September 2020 which includes Advisory Committees being able to meet (quarterly as scheduled and if determined necessary by the Chair and Facilitator).  The location of all meetings will be determined by the Chief Executive Officer in consultation with the Lord Mayor, having regard to all relevant public health orders, and will be either via audio-visual platform or at an appropriate CN facility in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act 1993. We appreciate your ongoing support at this time.

Meetings will be held quarterly, on the first Tuesday of the month commencing at 5:30pm. Meetings will initially be held in City Hall, 290 King Street, Newcastle but may relocate to the new CN premises at 12 Stewart Avenue, Newcastle West in 2020.

Current scheduled meetings are:

  • 6 August 2019 - Meeting documentation (PDF) (including agenda and minutes)
  • 5 November 2019
  • 31 March 2020 - CANCELLED
  • 2 June 2020 - CANCELLED

Terms of Reference

Download the Terms of Reference (PDF)