Lord Mayor, Councillor Nuatali NelmesLord Mayor - Nuatali Nelmes

Find out more about the Lord Mayor and contact information

Ward 1

Find out more about your Ward 1 Councillors

Councillor Declan ClausenCouncillor Declan Clausen (ALP)
0419 212 207

Councillor John MacKenzie
Councillor Dr John Mackenzie (Greens)
0408 533 010

Councillor John Church
Councillor John Church (IND)
0414 294 944

Ward 2

Find out more about your Ward 2 Councillors

CN logo image face portraitCouncillor Carol Duncan (ALP)
0428 423 670

CN logo image face portraitCouncillor Jenny Barrie (LIB)
0407 021 488

CN logo image face portraitCouncillor Charlotte McCabe (GRN)
0407 027 810

Ward 3

Find out more about your Ward 3 Councillors

CCouncillor Peta Winney-Baartzouncillor Peta Winney-Baartz (ALP)
0427 922 149

C/Newcastle/media/Images/Councillors/City-of-Newcastle_Logo_Horizontal_CMYK_City_of_Newcastle_Stacked_CMYK.pngouncillor Margaret Wood (ALP)
0407 015 804

C/Newcastle/media/Images/Councillors/City-of-Newcastle_Logo_Horizontal_CMYK_City_of_Newcastle_Stacked_CMYK.pngouncillor Katrina Wark (LIB)
0407 138 081

Ward 4

Find out more about your Ward 4 Councillors

Councillor Jason Dunn

Councillor Deahnna Richardson (ALP)
0400 994 073

Councillor Jason Dunn

Councillor Dr Elizabeth Adamczyk (ALP)
0407 037 705

Councillor Jason Dunn

Councillor Callum Pull (LIB)
0400 974 935

All mail to Councillors should be addressed to:

City of Newcastle 
Attention: Councillor (insert name of Councillor)
PO Box 489
Newcastle  NSW  2300

Any information for Councillors can also be directed to their individual email or phone. 
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