Our Organisation

City of Newcastle was formed in April 1938 with the merger of Adamstown, Carrington, Hamilton, Lambton, Merewether, Newcastle, New Lambton, Stockton, Wallsend, Waratah and Wickham Councils.

What does Council do?

Council is responsible for looking after public facilities and providing community services. City of Newcastle provides more than 70 services such as:

  • Town planning
  • Construction and maintenance of local roads, streets and bridges
  • Preservation of historic places
  • Food and public health services
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Supervision of building and development control
  • Parking control
  • Maintenance of parks, golf courses, sporting fields, pools and beach facilities
  • Provision and servicing of libraries, community centres, theatres and art galleries
  • Pet registration and control
  • Tourism services
  • Promotion of economic development
  • Child care facilities
  • Fire prevention enforcement and many more.

Council's Structure

Council has two main parts:

  • The elected Council, (the popularly elected Lord Mayor and 12 Councillors)
  • The administration (led by the CEO).

The Elected Council

Councillors are elected to represent the interests of residents and ratepayers and provide leadership and guidance to the community.

The Administration

The CEO leads the administrative arm of Council. The CEO is responsible for the efficient and effective operation of the Council’s organisation and for ensuring that the decisions of the Council are implemented.

Our Values

Council has adopted a set of values to guide organisational behaviour:

Cooperation -  We work together as an organisation, helping and supporting each other
Respect - We respect diverse views and opinions and act with integrity
Excellence -  We strive for quality and improvement in everything we do
Wellbeing - We develop a safe and supportive environment.

City Administration Centre move

City of Newcastle has now closed out all four projects associated with its move to a new administrative building at 12 Stewart Avenue in Newcastle West.

Customer Service Charter

Council has introduced a Customer Service Charter to provide rules and set standards for our service delivery to residents and ratespayers.

History of Councils in Newcastle

12 local councils were established before 1938, including Adamstown Council, Carrington Council, Hamilton Council and Lambton Council.

Organisation Chart

The City of Newcastle is organised into five groups, each with a range of responsibilities. Find out the members of the Executive Leadership Team and their areas of responsibility.

Our Logo

The logo is a stylised ‘N’. The vibrant palette captures the beauty of Newcastle’s natural environment and represents the city’s bright outlook.

Sister Cities

The City of Newcastle has a Sister City in Ube, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. Signed on 21 November 1980, the agreement has fostered strong connections between our two cities in education, youth exchange, economics, sport and art.