Customer Service Charter

The City of Newcastle’s Customer Service Charter sets the standards of service we aim to deliver for our community.

Under this Charter, City of Newcastle undertakes to:

In General

  • Make impartial and ethical decisions.
  • Consult with the community on major decisions that may affect them.
  • Treat customers with courtesy, patience, sensitivity and attentiveness and provide clear and concise advice and information.
  • Use information and Council resources responsibly and efficiently.
  • Act in accordance with the law, City of Newcastle’s Code of Conduct, and the Code of Meeting Practice.
  • Provide information for public inspection both online and in person (where required) including City of Newcastle policies and plans, community information and newsletters, Council meeting agendas, information on the NSW Ombudsman and the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), development applications and other information on public exhibition.

Written Correspondence

  • Acknowledge correspondence or provide an interim reply (with approximate date of completion) within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Respond to written correspondence in writing, or by telephone where appropriate, and record the response in City of Newcastle’s official recordkeeping systems.
  • Ensure all correspondence includes the name and contact details of the officer dealing with the matter.

Telephone Calls

  • Answer calls promptly in person or offer an automatic call back service or telephone answering service.
  • Upon request, advise the caller of the full name of the officer answering, or the officer’s supervisor.
  • Record all significant calls in the form of a written file note in City of Newcastle’s official recordkeeping systems.

Availability of Staff

  • Attend to customers at the customer service counter within five minutes.
  • Make specialist staff available by phone or in person, either on request (making a mutually convenient appointment) or by prior arrangement during City of Newcastle’s hours of business.


  • The customer should raise the matter with City of Newcastle through the channel of their choice, with written complaints encouraged via our Customer Complaints web form
  • Complaints will be acknowledged and investigated in accordance with City of Newcastle’s Customer Complaints Handling Policy.
  • If the complaint is justified, City of Newcastle staff will explain the problem and outline what is being done to resolve the matter.
  • If the complainant remains dissatisfied, the complainant can seek an internal review by a more senior manager or approach an external agency such as the NSW Ombudsman, ICAC or the Office of Local Government.

*We are currently reviewing our Customer Service Charter to ensure our commitments are updated and aligned as we progress on our customer experience improvement journey and digitisation of systems and services.