Claims against the City of Newcastle

The City of Newcastle (CN) is sympathetic to persons incurring an injury or sustaining a loss.  However, the fact that an incident has occurred does not mean we are liable to provide compensation.

Proof supporting your allegation is required that the loss or damage claimed has been caused by negligence on our part and/or our employees or agents.

Loss or damage resulting from an act of nature such as wind or storm is beyond our control. There are also times when injuries are sustained due to failure by an individual to take reasonable care to ensure their own wellbeing.

As establishing negligence can be time consuming and difficult, if you hold a policy of insurance i.e. motor vehicle or domestic insurance you may wish to consider lodging a claim with your insurer as, in most cases, the onerous test of proving negligence is not required.
The process of investigation and determination can take 6 to 8 weeks. Sometimes there are delays in obtaining information which is beyond our control (i.e. information required from third parties, contractors or witnesses). We endeavour to respond to claims as quickly as possible; but claims brought in negligence are often complicated and we ask for your patience and co-operation during this time.
It is highly unlikely we will be liable to pay compensation in the following circumstances:
  • If you have not completed the request for compensation form with the appropriate supporting evidence
  • You are unable to establish the cause of your damage
  • Trees - where damage was caused by shedding or resulting from a weather event
  • Trees - damage caused by tree roots when we were not previously aware of the problem
  • When we are complying with our statutory duties under relevant legislation
  • Incidents on roads and footpaths which are not on our Road Register e.g. arterial roads and private access roads
  • Damage caused by a contractor acting on behalf of us e.g. roadworks, parks maintenance etc. Such claims are to be made directly to the relevant contractor
  • Incidents relating to the condition of pit lids or other infrastructure belonging to utility companies e.g. Telstra, Optus, NBN, water, power and gas companies.  Refer to the relevant utility company website for information on how to make a claim
  • Claims for asset and damage where the responsibility to maintain falls on the property owner e.g. private property owners are responsible for maintaining stormwater pipes, gutters, downpipes, gully pits and any other components of drainage systems in good condition, and in compliance with our requirements. This includes maintenance of the stormwater system on the property as well as any connection to our stormwater system. When redirecting and/or concentrating stormwater flows, property owners are required to collect the stormwater and direct it to a legal point of discharge.

Footpath trips and falls

Information to assist customers when considering completing a claim for compensation.

Mowers and brushcutters

Unforeseen accidents, where a stone or hard object is thrown up from a CN mower or brush cutter


The Civil Liability Act 2002 (NSW) (the Act) is legislation that applies to our responsibility for damages resulting from potholes or any other hazards on its roads.


Alleged damage to driveway/crossovers, fences or retaining walls along property boundaries, sewer and stormwater and structures.

Waste collection vehicles

Alleged accidents/incidents relating to waste collection vehicles

Claim for Compensation

If you are seeking compensation directly from the City of Newcastle (CN) for injury, loss or damage arising from an incident, please complete the ‘Request for Compensation’ form, provide photographs and documentation as required.