D&B-Urban Design Consultative Group

This form is to be completed for all requests to attend a UDCG meeting (i.e. the first request for a meeting and any subsequent follow up meetings).

The Urban Design Consultative Group (UDCG) provides independent, expert advice to Council and the applicant’s about the quality of the urban design and amenity of developments.

A development is required to be referred to the UDCG if it is subject to the State Environmental Planning Policy 65 (SEPP 65). Additionally large developments, by virtue of their location or scale that are likely to have a significant impact within the Local Government Area may also be referred to the Group. Typical developments include:
  • Residential flat buildings
  • Seniors Housing developments
  • Multi dwelling developments comprising six or more dwellings
  • Industries, storage facilities and warehouses over 2000m2 floor space
  • New buildings or major extensions in commercial centres
  • Boarding Houses
  • Buildings within the Newcastle City Centre that seek to vary the floor space ratio or building height or are located on landmark sights
  • Hospitals, schools and churches
  • Subdivisions on land 2 hectares or greater in area.