Roads-Driveway Linemarking

Due to the high demand for parking on some city streets, motorists sometimes try to squeeze cars into insufficient space near or between driveways.  This practice causes inconvenience to residents as it restricts access to their property.  One effective initiative has been the installation of driveway line markings to indicate to motorists to park behind the driveway line.

Complete the driveway line marking application form if you wish Council to install lines at your driveway.  Please note that these lines are not 'legally enforceable' however, it has been shown that the majority of motorists observe the lines if installed and park accordingly.

How to apply

Complete the application form, scan and send to and an officer will reply to your email providing the 4-digit application reference number and confirmed total amount to pay via one of the following options:
              Online at BPOINT
Enter biller code 1424811, 4-digit application number (PDL/xxxx), job address and amount payable. You should provide your email address to receive your receipt then forward to to confirm payment.
Phone by calling 1300 276 468 and following the prompts
Enter biller code 1424811, 4-digit application number (PDL/xxxx), and amount payable.  Once paid please send an email to and an officer will check for payment received.