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The leaders of Newcastle are a united voice providing collaborative governance for our city. 

A City Taskforce, led by the City of Newcastle, has been established to oversee the recovery phases of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. The City Taskforce is made up of 17 key city leaders from across manufacturing, small business, financial services, tourism, transport and logistics, arts and culture, workers, education and the community sector. The first meeting was in mid-April and the Taskforce will conclude at the end of the year. 

The City Taskforce is providing local leadership to local issues, and acting as the local coordinating advisory committee for community and economic resilience. The City Taskforce has established five clear work streams including advocacy, direct industry support, local evidence base, youth employment, and most importantly, providing a collaboration forum for new ideas.

City Taskforce members have provided in-kind contribution of staff / human resources to support the work streams. This support is facilitated through an Action Team (25 members) and smaller working groups. The Action Team includes representatives from all City Taskforce members, as well as from diverse population groups across the city including young people, Indigenous community, multicultural community and disability community.

City Taskforce Members and Meeting Communiques

Meeting Communiques
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Advocacy Work Stream

The City Taskforce has been sharing our local stories and experiences with key State and Federal Government decision-makers. Called 'The Newcastle Response', these memos outline the local community and business impacts, the effectiveness of current government measures, details on how we are mobilising our own resources and identify opportunities to partner with State and Federal Government bodies to accelerate and increase impact.

The Newcastle Response - Community Sector
The Newcastle Response - Tourism Sector
The Newcastle Response - Youth Employment
The Newcastle Response - Arts Sector
The Newcastle Response - Innovation Economy

Industry Response Program

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Local Evidence Work Stream

Actions to date

Greater Newcastle Youth Employment Charter

Youth (18-25 year old) unemployment is one of the most significant issues arising from COVID-19. Research indicates that the disadvantages felt by young people now will be carried through a lifetime. The impact of youth unemployment has been particularly severe in the Greater Newcastle region; collectively, we need to act.

The City Taskforce has developed a Youth Employment Charter as an affirmation of their commitment to maintain and expand opportunities for young people in the region. The Charter includes pledges across five categories:

  • Youth Employment
  • Youth Training
  • Youth Voice
  • Youth Support
  • Youth Celebration

Full Greater Newcastle Youth Employment Charter (PDF)

The following organisations have committed to the Youth Employment Charter. If you would like to add your organisation, please email Mr Simon Massey, Economic Strategy and Government Relations Manager at the City of Newcastle. 

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