Joslin Street, Kotara

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This project aimed to resolve streetscape, access and traffic issues and inform infrastructure renewal in the Joslin Street Kotara Local Centre. It is part of a strategy to improve local centres throughout the Newcastle Local Government Area.

Our Local Centre upgrade has delivered improved pedestrian safety and comfort, driver visibility, an enhanced look and feel of the area, improved drainage to better manage stormwater, and a new open public space complete with landscaping and seating.

Construction commenced in July 2020, and was completed by March 2021.

A placemaking exercise is planned in collaboration with Kotara South Public School to gather themes and ideas for the decoration of an interactive artwork to be installed in the public open space – bringing a climbable caterpillar sculpture to life with colour and character created by local school children.

Project background

The local centre of Joslin Street, Kotara was prioritised for improvements to address existing safety issues by constructing a new pedestrian refuge, realigning intersections and improving sight lines.

City of Newcastle ran a survey in December 2017 to gain community feedback about issues related to the public domain and priorities for improvements. You told us your top three priorities for Joslin Street Kotara were:

  1. Pedestrian safety, access and connectivity.
  2. Traffic safety.
  3. Aesthetics.

We listened to community feedback and developed the draft Joslin Street Kotara Local Centre Public Domain and Traffic Plan which was publicly exhibited in May 2019. Amendments were made to take into account community submissions regarding trees and parking.

The elected Council approved the Joslin Street Kotara Local Centre Public Domain and Traffic Plan (PDF 360kB) on 22 October 2019. The focus of the PDP is to improve safety and connectivity for all by integrating the movements of pedestrians, cyclists, buses and cars.

As part of the renewal we extended and upgraded the green triangle public open space on the corner of Joslin Street and Rae Crescent through the removal of the existing slip road. We consulted with the local community throughout April 2020 and sought comment on two options for the space. We received over 180 survey responses with over 60% in support of our “Playful sandstone stack” option, which included stepping logs through mass planting for children to play on, daybeds, and stacked sandstone blocks which will serve as sitting areas and a play element. The space also includes picnic tables for gatherings and a bubbler with a dog drinking bowl.

View the final design (PDF).